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BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus Pricing: Which Ecommerce Solutions Provider is Best in Terms of Prices

How much does Shopify Plus cost? Is it more expensive than BigCommerce? Read on for a discussion on BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus pricing!

Most people (especially business owners who are just starting out) are sensitive to prices. The truth is that everyone wants to save as much as possible. When we look at choosing an ecommerce solutions provider to create an online store and grow a business, we steer away from making the decision based on the monthly price. You need to find and choose a builder that gives your online store the best chance of succeeding while being able to save you time from fixing tech issues or worrying about customer support.

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Choosing an ecommerce solution because it is cheaper and saves you a few dollars per month, is a short-term solution and can’t help you grow a successful business. You need to consider the value and although an ecommerce plan may have a higher price point, sometimes, it is well worth the money.

In this article, we will discuss BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus pricing. So, let’s see which ecommerce solutions provider is best in terms of prices:

 – Shopify Pricing: Ecommerce solution Shopify offers different plans – Shopify Lite which costs $9 per month, Basic Shopify which costs $29 per month, Shopify which costs $79 per month, Advanced Shopify which costs $299 per month and Shopify Plus which varies in prices depending on your needs and requirements. Please keep in mind that the first plan or Shopify Lite cannot be used for building online stores. This plan is suitable for those who already have a website such as Wix, Weebly, WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, Tumblr, Drupak, And Joomla and they need some add-ons to convert the website into an online store. Also if you want to see how does Shopify Plus support your business from billing to development, themes to sales channels, and analytics to automation, click on Shopify.com/plus/compare/bigcommerce

Ecommerce solution Shopify

If this is your situation, all you need to do is add the Shopify Buy Button. This is the cheapest option Shopify offers, however, if you want to build an online store, we recommend you to consider Basic Shopify, Shopify, Advanced Shopify, and the best Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus is a specially-developed ecommerce solution for enterprise users. If you are in the big league and your enterprise business generates from 6-7 figures in sales. Year, this ecommerce plan can help you grow even more.

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Shopify Plus provides unlimited bandwidth and unlimited sales capacity. Your website can scale without worrying about tech issues or technical capability. When it comes to customer support, Shopify Plus support is without a doubt – the best on the market. Your online store will get access to a Launch Manager and Merchant Success manager. Also, you will get access to analytics and reports which are unavailable on simpler plans. By using the reports and analytics, you will be able to learn more about your customers, the more you learn the better your store will be. The better the store, the more sales you will make.

– BigCommerce Pricing: The monthly fees range from $29.95 to $2499.95. BigCommerce offers 3 different plans: Standard ($29.95), Plus ($79.95), and Pro ($249/95). BigCommerce also offers a fully-customized Enterprise Plan which is suitable for high-volume and established businesses. You will get a chance to cooperate with an experienced team that will help you with data migration, setup, and support. The pricing for this plan depends on your needs.

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So, which ecommerce solutions provider is best in terms of pricing? We have discovered that Shopify Plus pricing starts at $2000 a month while BigCommerce Enterprise starts around $1000 a month. However, we recommend you to contact the companies by yourself and the sales representatives will ask about the needs of your business and they will take you through what pricing exactly will be for your store.